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Membership Types

Regular Membership

Open to persons whose responsibilities or interests are in the area of human development is eligible for membership. This includes human development, guidance, and in counseling settings such as public and private schools, universities, colleges, community colleges, private practices, community agencies and business and industry. Members receive the HCA emails, a membership directory, announcements from HCA and divisions and information about professional workshops, special activities and social events. Members also receive discounts for professional workshops, activities and the annual conference.

Student Membership

Open to graduate and undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in a counseling or related program. Student certification is required at the time of joining or renewing membership in HCA. Student members receive the same benefits as regular members.  Many students are student members of ACA.  simply apply and indicate that you are a member of ACA/student status.

Retired Membership
Open to persons who have retired and work no more than part time. Retired members receive the same benefits as regular members.

Lifetime Membership
For those individuals who have received HCA’S highest award, the Francis E. Clark Award.

Current State Divisions of National Divisions of ACA

HCA is an umbrella organization for four state divisions. One must be a member of HCA to join a division. Membership in state divisions is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

Hawai’i Mental Health Counselors Association (HMHCA)

The primary purpose of HMHCA is to promote mental health counseling and uphold professional mental health counselors, who work to prevent or overcome the debilitating effects of psychological or mental illness.

Hawai’i Association of Counselors and Educators in Government (HACEG).

A dynamic support network of professional counselors and educators, who work in all levels of government and military settings. It aspires to high ethical standards and focuses on the delivery of government services I schools, civilian and military communities, as well as, voluntary post-secondary education services.  This division is currently now active.

Hawai’i Career Development Association (HCDA)

Our purpose is to promote a greater understanding of work and vocation, foster career development through the life span and to improve career development standards in Hawai’i.  This division is currently not active

Hawai’i Multicultural Counseling and Development Association (HMCDA)

Our purpose is to promote professional development in the area of multiculturalism, providing cultural awareness, knowledge and skills when working with individuals to provide sensitive and respectful services to one’s cultural, ethnic, racial, economic background and sexual orientation. This current division is not active as well.

Other Divisions
HCA is open to members interested in forming other divisions, as well as, organizing new interest groups.