HCA Mini-Conferences Rescheduled for Friday Oct, 24, WCC

8:30 am Registration

9:00 am Welcome

Morning session – Chipping Away at Self-Esteem, Piece by PieceBernie Strand, MSW, LSW, CSAC, LAT; Alissa Gino LMHC, CSAC; and Jennifer Cabe, MA, NCC, MFT

In this workshop Bernie will discuss the “helping conversation” from a theoretical and research perspective, followed by an introduction of the TRAUMA INFORMED CARE MODEL as a Holistic approach in counseling, helping, and advising students and clients.

Alissa and Jennifer will explore the hidden faces of low self-esteem as they present case studies. Many parents or loved ones are shocked to find out that their “successful” daughter or friend is bulimic.  Challenges such as anorexia, bulimia, cutting, suicide ideation, are perplexing.  The workshop will deal with possible causes and warning signs.

Luncheon  – a brief HCA meeting and speaker Stephanie Whiting – As counselors we offer support. We hold a space for our clients and their issues and we journey with them as they explore challenges, vulnerabilities and ways to grow. Stephanie will offer ways to keep our “wells filled” as we strive to help our clients, while attending to our busy personal lives. Counselor self-care is a matter of wellness and inspiration. We will look at what truly motivates and inspires each of us.


4 thoughts on “HCA Mini-Conferences Rescheduled for Friday Oct, 24, WCC

  1. Hello. Do I need to register for the conference? How am I able to receive more information? Location etc. Thanks in advance.

  2. Where is this conference being held and are there still openings? Thanks you for your help.

  3. You can register on site. We put links on our website for the registration forms


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