wiapioVideo:  Waimanalo Health Center – Dr. Sid

Cont. Video: Health/mental health challenges

March 8, 2013 – Dr. Sid Herosura, Psychologist, and Rachel Glasssman, Care Coordinator of the Waimanalo Heath Center, Holly Weinberg Village, and the IHS Outreach/Access to Recovery Program presented an eye-opening workshop about the mental and physical health challenges facing many in rural Hawaii to more than 40 counselors. They discusses issues of poverty, substandard or no housing, poor physical & mental health, lack of transportation, and substance abuse.  They explained the domino effect – when one aspect of the individuals life is compromised, all factors are impacted (i.e.) loss of a job, lost of income, loss of housing, poor diet, sickness, mental stress, and so on. On the brighter side, community member Kimberly bravely shared her story of homeless and struggles for success.  Holly Holowach presented housing options of Weinberg Village Waimanalo and other non-profit housing programs and Jay King, Veterans Resources Coordinator, talked about housing support programs for veterans.