eva-kishimotoAugust 13, 2011 – Eva Kishimoto, Clinical Social Worker and Director for Special Populations Services, Hawaii Department of Health conducted our second workshop.  Eva reviewed the prevalence and far reaching impact of trauma, characteristics and screening instruments, referral sources within the community, and intervention strategies.  Specifically she highlighted the “Trauma Informed Care Programing” her agency has implemented.

Her discussion of the Trauma Informed Care model was eye-opening as she reviewed the ways our agencies and we as service providers may agitate our client’s trauma without even realizing it.  Eva reviewed emotions and responses of those experiencing trauma (both visible and invisible).  She discussed the stages of trauma, warning signs, and how we may build an “Enhancing Alliance” with the client or student to support their growth cognitively, behaviorally, interpersonally, and emotionally.   In addition, she stressed the importance of recognizing warning signs, timely interventions, and substance abuse awareness and intervention.  Subsequent to Eva’s workshop, she has extended an invitation to Hawaii counselors to attend further workshops offered by her office.  For more information refer to her agency’s website: