Save the Date For the HCA Mini Conference August 8th 9am-1pm, WCC


Alissa Gino (LMHC, CSAC) and Jennifer Cabe (MA, LC) will explore the hidden faces of low self-esteem in their workshop. Many parents or loved ones are shocked to find out that their “successful” daughter or friend is bulemic.  Challenges such as anorexia, bulimia, cutting, suicide ideation, and more can go unrecognized, and their causes can seem perplexing.  Further, the workshop will deal with possible causes, warning signs, why “perfectionism” can be a problem, successful and unsuccessful interventions, and strategies for help.

11:15 am       Luncheon Speakers:  Introduction of HCA officers and Western Region Chair

11:45 am       Stephanie Whiting (LMHC, NCC), INSPIRING HOPE FOR SELF AND OTHERS As counselors we offer support. We hold a space

for our clients and their issues and we journey with them as they explore challenges, vulnerabilities and ways to grow. How do we keep our “wells filled” as we strive to help our clients, while attending to our busy personal lives? Counselor self-care is a matter of wellness and inspiration. We look at what can truly motivate and inspire each of us to keep our wells filled.


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August 8, 2014 (8:30 am registration) 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Windward Community College, Hale Akoakoa 101-103




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Please complete this registration form and email it back as an attachment to, and cc it also to Stephanie Whiting at:  This will reserve your space in the workshop.  (To apply for HCA membership, go to; membership link.  Complete the form-fillable HCA membrership application, and send to the email address on the form.  The appropriate fee will be covered by your conference registration fee.)



Stephanie Whiting Strengthens Services for Kauai Veterans

3 kauai photo

HCA Officer Stephanie Whiting Volunteers to help Veterans on Kauai via Give an Hour, the non-profit mental health service

Kaua`i Community College is joining the ranks of showing its support for Veterans and military `ohana on Kaua`i. The college provides assistance to eligible student Veterans, Active Servicepersons, Dependents, Reservists, and National Guard Members with state and federal educational benefit programs. The VA staff is committed to serving all qualified and disabled veterans and their dependents in their educational pursuits. Kaua`i CC is an approved institution for education and training under the Veteran’s Education Assistance Act (GI Bill) and the Dependent’s Act. Presently, the college is in the process of improving and incorporating more services and resources for veteran students.

Ma`healani Yamashita, Kaua`i CC’s Career and Transfer Specialist, serves as the campus’ Veteran liaison increasing more veteran and military awareness support at Kaua`i CC. A veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, Yamashita served as a Marine Operator with the Detachment Logistics Transportation Unit on Oahu. Besides working with students and staff on enhancing more veteran resources on campus, Ma`healani is also working with the Department of Veteran Affairs, State of Hawai`i’s Office of Veteran Affairs, other University of Hawai`i Campuses on the UH Veteran Task Force Committee, as well as other community organizations and individuals. The biggest and most enthusiastic community supporter for Kaua`i Veterans is Stephanie Whiting, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and board member of the Hawai`i Counseling Association.

Through her involvement in community events and activities, as well as at the college, Stephanie encourages veterans, military personnel and their families to take advantage of free counseling services through Give an Hour, a non-profit national network of volunteer mental health professionals. Every Friday, from noon to 2 pm, Stephanie offers her services to Veteran students and military `ohana at the college’s Health and Wellness Center.

Kaua`i CC recently went “on air” and has a once a month radio show on Kaua`i’s community radio, KKCR. The show is called, “KCC Vet Talk,” and is broadcasted live, the second Monday of each month, from 5-6 pm. Topics include those pertinent to veteran and military issues, events happening on island, as well as showcasing Kaua`i’s continued support for Kaua`i’s veterans.